The Ultimate Guide for Easy Meal Prepping

Guys, there’s a secret to eating healthy, home-cooked meals that won’t waste hours after work — and no, it’s not investing in a personal chef. It’s meal prepping, or creating a few meals or dishes and portioning them out throughout the week. This can be as easy as stocking up on cottage cheese for breakfast, or […]

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How to Get that Summer Beach Body

Believe it or not, summer is here. Within a few days, the winter coats came off and the flesh came out. Suddenly, the sun is shining on the fact that I haven’t been keeping up with my diet or training. While starting now may not seem ideal with summer already here, it’s never too late. Whether a student wants […]

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Take these simple steps to lose your gut and sculpt the ripped body of your dreams One fitness target is universally understood by all guys: abs. A ripped core signals good health, a fit body, and sex appeal. But when it comes to sculpting one, we make excuses: genetics, work, a regular Sunday menu of […]

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Applying Introspection: Using Mindful Meal Prep to Get Better Results Mindfulness is awfully trendy at the moment. Everywhere you look, someone’s touting being in the moment, experiencing the fullness of life, and learning something new about themselves. It’s a great buzzword. Before you write it off as “touchy-feely” or a little too spiritual for you, […]

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Beach Body Tips

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Get fit for summer The holiday is booked. For muscle and weight-loss gains as guaranteed as your dodgy passport photo, follow this blueprint to looking good by the sea… 4 weeks to go Workout Distract everyone on the sand from the fact that your skin is causing glare issues for the lifeguard by switching your […]

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Meal Planning

How Eating Like a Professional Bodybuilder Can Make You Fat

Ever since Arnold Schwarzenegger captivated audiences with the docudrama Pumping Iron, fitness enthusiasts have had a fascination with the world of bodybuilding. Pioneers like “The Arnold” brought lifting weights and consuming copious amounts of protein to the masses, and as a result, many trends in fitness have followed in the footsteps of bodybuilding. It’s definitely no […]


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Add Some Weight To Your Abs Workout

Use dumbbells to introduce more resistance to your abs training – and you’ll shock your body into growing a well-defined six-pack Your body is very clever. No, don’t thank us – you’re welcome. But the problem with it being so adaptable and quick to respond to change is that if you only ever train your […]