You may as well wait here.

That's not relevant.

The lucky sod just won the lottery.

You're ten times heavier than I am.


Who was your first crush?

They walked downstairs.

He lost his sight.

She's insatiable.

Albert and Israel weren't there.

Not dressing warmly in winter can result in catching a bad cold.

Some fruitarians eat only fruit that fall naturally from plants.


On what street?

Please, leave it to me.

The computer started.

Anita is a serious guy.

I'm in charge of security.

The car isn't worth repairing.

The circumstances gave color to her story.

Today is Wednesday. I am reading.

I have to turn off the telephone.

We must do it now.

We fixed it.

Are you sure you want to hear about this?

Nowadays, the fourteenth century's debate about the Eucharist sounds completely arcane.


Though he is rich, he is not happy.

I was asleep.

His story seems to be strange.

Betsy was furious.

Dan stated that he was a cop.

Do you like the taste of lemons?

All I did was repeat what Laurence told me.

Shatter has been gone for almost a year.

Here I am again.

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Varda? What does he have to do with this?

Why doesn't Mark want us over?

This means that there are twice as many chopstick- and finger-users as fork-users.

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How long is this going to take?


I'd like to believe you.

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He hailed a cruising taxi.

I never hit him.

We don't take credit cards.

The gate admits to the garden.

June is the only person I know who drinks imported beer.


We wanted to do more.

I like to chat with my pals after school.

The glass was broken by someone.

However hard he may try, he won't succeed.

The black market of drugs and weapons is very wide.

This airplane accommodates 400 passengers quite comfortably.

Just have him call me, OK?


I didn't steal it.

I will never agree to it.

Will you help me look for my purse?

Her good fame was greatly damaged by this.

We think him to be very honest.

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There are beautiful lakes here and there.


So you are back again.

It could be dangerous to do what Juan is asking us to do.

Better an egg today than a hen tomorrow.

The family eats breakfast on the balcony.

They're reading a book.


My home lies far across the sea.

Many people cannot understand the way hackers behave.

The food is very bad.

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I told him all about the accident.

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This makes me laugh to death!

Help me out.

Sorrel and Gretchen are barely friends.

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I'm glad I saw him.

Read it to me, Rogue.

I need someone to understand me.


I grabbed as much SIMM as possible in the computer shop the other day. Say what you like, it was more than just enthusiasm.

I need to get started now.

I'm going to go wash my hair.


The fire was on the first floor.


The singer broke the windows.

Imogen of the Internet has only been photographed by cheap webcams and cell phones.

Hy has never been one to admit that he's wrong.

She is getting worse and worse every day.

Just imitate what he does.

My mother attached herself to a cooperative society.

I can't eat spicy food like I used to.


I'm not a bad mother, just a busy one.

My father will be back at the beginning of next month.

I'm sorry. I'm partly responsible for it.


Duke thought it was OK.

She wrote me a long letter.

Read music, hear fiction.

I guess I should have known Mehrdad wasn't going to help.

It's great to see you so happy.

What Arlene says makes sense.

We should've gotten up earlier.


I can't talk about this right now.

You're wearing my shirt, Karen.

Trent has done a very good job.


Mr. Wright speaks Japanese like a native speaker.

Describe me the mixed martial arts.

Give your carpet to that person.

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What kind of food does Ronni like?

We want to make sure.

Trent took a few steps forward.

She got into hot water when her boyfriend called her at work.

Hey Kieran, can you give me a lift?

Daniel and Sanand are at one of the tables in the back of the restaurant.

The reformers were subject to every attack from the Establishment.

No matter what, I need to finish the article today.

I want to find my own place.

Do you think I care?

A catastrophe has been averted.

I didn't give anything to Lynne.

She has attractive eyes.


Shahid will probably tell you the same thing I did.


Is Starbuck dying of cancer?

I'm still not sure I can help you.

The bartender walked over to where Erwin was sitting and asked him what he wanted to drink.


I'm the only one who knows how to do this.


I thought you might like that.

I know I left it somewhere down here in the basement.

Helen is more pretty than beautiful.

Last night, he told me everything.

This morning, I heard the great news of the new arrival in your family.

I'll be back by six.

Having been informed that plywood is sufficient I will be making it as taught with plywood.

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I was broke.


Will you lend your dictionary to me?

I was a little bit disappointed.

Pratt is almost always at home on Sundays.


Turn your bag inside out.


Yes, it's such a nice evening.

I resigned from the army immediately after I got busted.

I need to pay my rent.

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Why is Irfan selling his house?

Kemal is quite rich.

It was really cold on Tuesday.


You're going to wait, right?

There was nothing Shahid could do to help Nigel.

I don't want anybody to get hurt.

Stephen would've understood.

We buy.

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Don't send me home, please.


The medicine gave instant relief.

That's a subject I prefer not to talk about.

When did you see the film?

I should've reacted differently.

Wouldn't you have spoken to me if you knew I was a man?

I'll tell her to contact you.

Ten is ten percent of one hundred.

Judith accepted my present.

Having fed the dog, he sat down to his own dinner.

I never even considered that.

It's very hard to find that today.


She was really impressed.

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You may do what you wish.

She's done wonders in the scientific field.

I didn't need to tell him.

Something happened to her.

It only happened a few times.


Potatoes were being cooked in the kitchen by the girls.

Some people say stepping on a worm makes it rain.

Do you have any food?


"May I come in?" "Yes, certainly."