I hope you're up to the challenge.

Pay it forward

Pontus and I were kids together.

Knudsen isn't going to listen.

Ami clearly doesn't want to be there.

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It's a cloudy day.

I'll flip you for it.

I was forced to sign my name.

Even if it rains, the game will be played.

Have you seen him on stage?

I wasn't planning on it.

We take it for granted that he will succeed in his business.


She played the heroine better than I.

Johnny told everyone that I hated Linley, but that's not true.

Marguerite started singing.


I've got two brothers and a sister.

It has been snowing off and on since last night.

Don't love two people at the same time.

I'm very proud of my son.

Do you have any pencils?


That reminds me of something I need to do.

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I can not tell if it will rain tomorrow.

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Our plane was flying over the Pacific Ocean.

I'm just looking out for myself.

Italian television is useless.

The reign of Philip II lasted forty years.

How did her son die?


Boy, did he suddenly turn pale...

Jesper's probably sick and tired of the way Beverly's been behaving lately.

Dylan wasn't stupid.

Rod tried to look through the keyhole, but couldn't see anything.

I can't wait to eat it.

We improved the quality.

I had no idea anything was wrong.

Alejandro almost cried.

This book is written in English.

Prakash's self-conscious about the gap between her front teeth.

You may take anything you like.

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With her unusually lively gestures, she pulled our attention onto her.


Courtney thought about what Jaime had said.

Does anybody need anything?

I think it's time for me to move into a smaller home.

I just want to live a normal life.

What was it that Tal put into the bag?

Wait right here.

Don't tease Mick.

I don't think they heard us.

You're thirty minutes late.

We never bribed anyone.

Did you forget to do your homework?

After his change of heart, the former miser became unstinting in his generosity to the poor.

He pretended ignorance, which made me still more angry.


I am a bad sailor.

I have to speak with you.

My throat hurts and my body feels heavy. It looks like I've caught a cold somehow.


Ann must be having a happy dream.


It probably won't rain tomorrow.

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After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.

Take this, honey.

Consumption is the sole end and purpose of all production.


You ain't gonna cut it.

Wayne looked over his shoulders, expecting to see someone.

Kate is majoring in German.


Men lick their lips when they look at her.

Keep your eyes open, it's going to happen fast.

I charted our course with a compass, map and plenty of hope.

I owe them thirty thousand.

Day is breaking.

We're not buying anything.

Somebody is or was here.

You're after them.

I've always wanted to go to Boston.


I lent him some money, but he hasn't paid it back yet.

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"It's still shallow, eh. My feet still touch the bottom." "It's quite a shallow beach. Yotsuba, you can still touch the bottom can't you?"


I wouldn't have made it without you.

It wouldn't be fair to him.

She had a lazy eye.

I think we should all go outside.

Paula went to bed as soon as he got home.


Would you like a drink while we wait for the others to arrive?

He was a good person.

Last month they had a lot of rain in France.

We can all dream.

Clay should be here pretty soon.

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I haven't been to Boston in a while.

How much is enough?

Don't you even want to know what Marvin gave Suwandi?


It was a hot debate.


In Colombia, Catholic customs prevail.


Can I tell her?

Alan never drinks wine.

I am used to driving a truck.

I argued him into consent.

Will you be home this evening?


I am learning Spanish.

I used to be Pierre's girlfriend.

Clothes make people, rags make lice.

I believe it's time to wake Robert up.

If it's a simple tune, I can sight-sing it.

Hume is fairly large.

Elementary and primary school children don't yet know good from evil or reality from fiction.

Why didn't you protect me?

This is the boy who played with the toy that scared the frog that splashed the dog that chased the cat that ate the rat that killed the mouse that lived in the house that Jack built.


Franklin is really sick.

I'm not thirsty.

It's a pleasant day for a picnic.

It's about three meters away.

He says one thing and means another.

I wonder what the secret ingredient is.

Show us the magazine.

We are blind to our own blindness.

Shawn decided to give up.

The value of the dollar declines as the rate of inflation rises.

It looks like your dog is thirsty.

It's not good when vacation ends so fast.

I hope they don't name their dog Cookie.

Bernard said that she was fine.

Is the capital city of Russia not Moscow?

I do that all the time.

Are you the hotel manager?

I've got Glynn with me.

Manuel will be out of town next week.

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Sedovic doesn't have any close friends.

Conrad has been infected.

Their team cheated during the baseball game.


I thought you liked to learn new things.


Soba is made of buckwheat flour, and udon and kishimen are made of plain wheat flour.


I am sure that he will succeed.

The world owes me, so fuck you!

She needs an umbrella.

Some economists think so.

Who will see Vera will love her.


We knew we did nothing wrong.

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Eric eats nothing but fruit.

It was unfortunate.

We needed time.


What's the horse's name?

It's not a bad plan.

Will the plan meet the need?


No matter how bad it gets, she won't die of that kind of sickness.


The concert was short. However, it was very good.


My parents would repudiate my brother if they ever found out he was gay.

Only hope can keep me together now.

Rex has just arrived here.

I've been trying to figure out how Emma did what he did.

You should always tell the truth.

This job should be fun.

They were stuck together to maintain their own body heat


I was writing a letter.

Everything has been thoroughly cleaned.

The company is incorporated in Japan.

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Can someone accept that phone call?

A man of sense would be ashamed of such behavior.

Morgan said he'd be busy until 2:30.

Let me rephrase it.

She showed absolutely no interest in the photos.

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She didn't pay me the money.

Give me some quarters.

This matter must be dealt with sooner or later.

Lewis and Clark kept very careful records.

He understands your feelings and thoughts even without words.