I demanded that he should pay.

The air is bad here. Will you open the window?


Loosen the bandage a little.

Jerald is organising a Kris Kringle at work.

I have a tool.

I hope to retire from work when I'm 60 years old.

Your sentences were like a green meadow in winter.

An English-Japanese dictionary is surely a must have book, not just for those taking TOEIC, but for all studying English.

Is that clear?

Let me see. There were fifteen people.

Not every truth is fit to be told.

I thought you were going to sleep all day.

She kept him waiting half an hour.

Don't tell them why.

Ed tried to sneak into the nightclub.

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Jaded zombies acted quietly but kept driving their oxen forward.

Long live the king!

Leif's condition is worsening.

Her abilities are not appreciated in school.

Eddie and Joseph looked at each other for a moment.

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We must give it a coat of varnish.

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We played many kinds of games.

It interferes with our industrial development.

Monty went to the beauty salon to get a manicure.

Do you have time to drink something?

I'll come at once.


I'd be more than happy to drive you home.


I have waited a full three hours.


Were the results surprising?


Did you expect something else?


Ramanan owns a large mansion.

Thus goes the Bible.

You need to loosen up a little.

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Get me another doctor.

I took the blame.

She didn't want him to go out with other women.

Was that a fair assessment?

Now that I'm thinner, I can fit into this dress.

Steven is powerful, isn't he?

It's not a good idea to go out after dark by yourself.

It's obvious Jem doesn't like Rich anymore.

She put the book in the bag.

I pointed out that he was mistaken about the matter.

I deserved that promotion.

Why don't we take a break and go get something to eat?

I took to the stranger at once.

We have medicines to make women speak; we have none to make them silent.

They adopted the little girl.

Those people didn't tell us anything about you.

I just don't get modern sculpture.

Life has been hard on Isaac.

I'll go now.

I'm not calming you down.

Put it on Bryan's desk.

I want Devon to know the truth.

I don't know who Takayuki was with and I don't want to ask him.

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My little sister has been suffering from a toothache since last night.

Society is built on trust.

Max kept pace.

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Who's tired?

Turn the knob and open the door.

Do I have to go back there?

His speech held the attention of the audience.

It is a pity that the singer died so young.

Salad forks are smaller than dinner forks and are placed further from the plate.

Emil wants to tell you something.

Marla put the frying pan on the stove.

We don't want to do that.


Surya must be more careful from now on.

Lowell left early, and so did we.

The guests should be arriving soon.

Where's my box of chocolates?

You don't have a wife, do you?

We won't actually be doing that.

Francis lives on a boat.

My brother is two years older than I am.

Glynn won't tell me where he put my car keys.

How do you avoid snacking between meals?

Did someone contact him?

Is there something you wanted?

The bells chimed as the couple left the church.


Does Agatha know how to do this?

I only go to church out of duty to my mother.

Roderick is legendary.

I didn't even see you.

He came downstairs out of the bedroom for breakfast.

I'm trying to quit smoking.

It's easier and safer to meet someone on the Internet than in person.

If they don't mind, they are welcome to eat the leftovers in the fridge.

It was a long war because neither side would give in.

Are you interested in football?

Who's Raj arguing with?

What problem did you tell Nils you had?

If something's happened to him, I'd like to know.

It has been 200 years since Mozart died.

Now money begins to end, now it ends to begin.

Can you outmaneuver your opponents?

I've told him all about you.

I've seen better days.

They ruined it.


It was a manifest error of judgement.

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What do we tell her?


How beautiful it is!


The radio was invented by Marconi.


You are taking your final exam, aren't you?

She is looking up at me with impassive eyes.

She had no idea what to expect.

Spike's parents live in a 8,000 sq ft. mountaintop home in Aspen.

Fear left him speechless.

Are things bad now?

Everyone ought to be the master of his own destiny.

Liber gave me his card.

The police chief resigned.

I don't know when the machine must be turned off.

I would tell you if you would just listen quietly.

Did you ever hear of such a strange custom?

He studies hardest of all the students.

Take a bicycle with you on the bus - can you do that in this country?

I didn't know Lenora was going to go to Harvard.


Coleen was brought up by his aunt and uncle.

Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds.

She had no intention of quarreling with him.

Money is tight right now.

A lot of people are waiting to see what is going to happen.

We're not all like that.

A commercial airplane allegedly violated military airspace.

He is quite ignorant of things Japanese.

I have a letter written by him.

You're on a roll.

For better or worse, she will have the operation tomorrow.

Daren backed up his data.

I want it to be different this time.

It only shows you're not a robot.

You might want to have someone look into that matter.

Having a slight cold, I went to bed early.

I'm going to say no.


On no condition has he permission to touch it.

Blow your nose.

The medicine didn't help at all.

I think Vaughn is naive.

I'm the insane one.

I'm really enjoying the corn.

I didn't have time today. I'll go tomorrow.

Your soul belongs to me.

They do not know how they should use the money.

Arne added a few finishing touches to the painting.

Look, I can handle this.

I'm sure Nick is exaggerating.

Mahesh didn't give me any money.

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Kitty, you are my ditty.


Hohn looks impatient.

Frank put on his sweater wrong side out.

He arrived all wet from the rain.

She accused him of having broken his word.

I'm not used to speaking in public.

It isn't a true apartment.

I made a decision to study abroad.

I read about All Ball.

For instance, "delight" is the opposite of "sorrow."

He came after you left.

Dieter thinks I can do the job.


Jisheng was afraid to show his father his report card.

Tim was conservative.

You've run out of time.

There is no objective measure of a word's badness. It all comes down to context.

Does he have a mother?

We need to connect this cable to the generator.

A child should not get more spending money than is necessary.

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Sometimes I wish I was hard of hearing, so I wouldn't have to always suffer through the nerve-wracking grocery store music while searching for the right kind of potatoes.


Does Teri know anything about that?

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Are there young people who speak your language?

Three baguettes, please.

Jurevis stared at the floor, not wanting to say anything.